The Heritage Farm:

About the farm:

Leasing a 100 yr old farmstead, on 4 acres, 1 hr north of San Francisco, on historic rural farmland....

we raise livestock & veggies, for two markets:

  1. 1)the small farm & to

  2. 2)provide healthy local food

Featuring Breeding Stock

~ bred for the small farm:

~preserving older genetics

  1. -Lowline Mini-Angus Beef    

  2. -Berkshire Heritage Pork

  3. -OldWorld Jersey Cows

  1. -Mini-horses

Retail  Available:

- Grass-Fed Beef

- Berkshire Pork

- Artisan Cheese

  1. -Handmade Butter

- Pastured Poultry




- Free-Range Eggs


Back to the basics is what’s it all about on, “The Heritage Farm”!  Returning to our agricultural heritage, livestock living their lives on pastures, not feedlots.  Eating forage, as the previous 1,0000 generations have... their natural diets.  We endeavor to preserve the genetics that work well for the smaller farm and provide quality products for our local community.

Livestock bred for temperament and a smaller size, for the family farm, is a main focus. Easier on the land, our stock is meant to be handled by women and older children/teens; easy to manage & needing less infra-structure.  “Small” is beautiful!

We offer grass-fed Lowline Angus beef.  Our Lowlines are raised humanely, with a focus on the genetics for tenderness, taste, and feed efficiency in grass-fed beef, as well mellow temperament.  Compact in size, you can raise two lowlines instead of one larger standard sized angus, on the same acreage.

On the farm are Berkshire Heritage Hogs, an older breed that doesn’t grow as fast, but produces a quality meat, especially when raised on our extra jersey milk. We only keep two breeding sows, for our family operation, to maintain high standards.

We raise old world jersey milking cows for milk, butter and cheese. We have no “waste” as our excess milk is given to the pigs to enhance the quality of their meat.

Old World Jerseys are descended from the original stock brought over from the isle of Jersey. Much smaller framed, Old World Jersey’s do not give as much milk (but much more than we need). It is richer and thus makes wonderful cheese, yogurt, ice cream and butter as a way to preserve milk for a later time. We appreciate the smaller quantity and actually only milk once a day!

Free-range chickens, turkeys, and guinea's add to our farm’s diversity, our “no pesticide” bug management program, and self-fertilizer application! As well as providing us with real Free-Range Eggs!

A picture is worth a thousand words...